Sunday (April fool in Easter)


Tis the season of this passionate Lent is closing….

For me it is the most important & most trying time of the year. The devil’s at work, always….

He works through many humans and the beast comes out to play with great intent. I bet he laughs at how we manage our relationships with others. Especially, how we manage the strained one’s. You know what I’m talking about- the held breathe, the rolling of the eyes, the constipated laugh or smile, the exhibition of welcome that we all know is fake….

All in the name of restitution!!!!

Restore what you may ask? Well you’re alone in restoring broken promises, shattered dreams, wilted dignity, echoing loneliness, reverberating selfishness – these are the remnants of Lent!

The Heart of our Home is cold, disheartening, shallow, mismanaged, it’s constancy measured by the challenging daily routine of “is there any to eat”? Why do you just make nice things for customers”? I want something lekka, with all your baking, why’s there never anything for us”? ” I don’t know what to do”! ” I can’t, I dunno why”! No one listens to me! I’m not respected in this house! The list goes on…..

These remnants, reflect in the screeching Crying, the insolence, the sheepish smiles, the sullenness of demeanor, everyday come what may, it is there gnawing & nitpicking, an endless song, you know the one – it serves to irk you silently driving you insane, when all you want to do is slam it with a hammer.

Home has become an atmosphere of indifference, of the individual, family unimportant, insignificant & a bore. Pity….

Too much time is spent on trivial arguments which only seek to validate the ” I’m” important, singular, an island far in the distance, so I may hold no responsibility for my actions, no remorse for my guilt…..

Lessons are imparted sometimes in vain, obviously it’s up to the taught to action what makes sense to them. This too is a pity, arrogance begets loneliness in those times when you least expect it….

I hope for you this Easter, its birth will bring inspiration to live your lives always with vision, for our journey is never as we plan.We know change arises like mist on the mornings break, beckoning us to breathe in its promise Urging us to untie that which knots us up Releasing over us an invisible shield,which harnesses only good to our path,defending our Deeds,protecting our Souls!

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