It’s June 16 2019.

Two celebrations today.

Commemorating Youth Day ( 1976 uprising against Afrikaans as a medium of teaching,etc)

Father’s Day ( celebrating our Fathers, with us still or in heaven above)

Personally I feel today’s youth lack the skills emotionally, intellectually, they lack in conscience, have no respect, dignity, kindness, values or morality.

You are taught by your parents, instilling values, setting boundaries, by their acts – laughter, joy, responsibility, discipline, accountability, lawfulness, honesty, etc. In our communities lots of the above teachings are absent, possibly a domino effect exists whereby parents no longer educated or otherwise cannot impart valuable information to their young and so it carries forward into future families who without knowledge or conscience find it difficult to create good environments for their young to thrive in. Fathers are absent or don’t have any interaction with their children, some parents are alcoholics or drug addicts. Some work far from home for long periods of time, some are prevented from sharing a relationship with their children.

This could explain the lack of vision or action of our youth about their futures, choices, accountability, behaviour, they openly lie, deny, ignore and feign innocence & loss or lack of, to justify their inability to feel, to reach out, to make amends, etc.

These two celebrations mean something for some & nothing for many. Across these political landscapes not everyone had a voice, were ever recognized, or found satisfaction in their plight. Too many hurts exist today, maybe not about oppression & opportunity but rather about the focus that’s changed, you know it’s about likes, followers, money, corruption, deals, secrecy, reward. Its not about anyone’s plight, strength, journey, struggle, hurdles, accomplishments, it’s a media frenzy, more likes mean more popularity and exposure.

So a sense of detachment ensues, we hook up with likes, slogans, popularity, we don’t share real feelings of warmth, honesty, responsibility, we can say what we want without conscience. There is no right or wrong, now exists a time of its ok as long as you dont involve me or I feign ignorance.

So as long as it doesn’t affect me its ok!!

I hope to awake from this nightmare of indifference…..

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