A thread…..


 Culture, I learnt a new one this very day. It knocked the socks off me! Sorry for the pun

 Abuse is carried from generation to generation. I don’t walk around with blinkers, but finally, I have had my eyes opened.

A family tormented another family put in their care as children.

These children, now fully grown adults, were abused by a couple who collected welfare money for them. They were slaves. Children were slaves to a “mother” granted custody of her wards and now, decades later, by a normal, comfortable conversation today,  it has been revealed. Children become abusers. Children reared in a culture of oppression become oppressors themselves.

 A women, who is idolised in her death was an abuser! Can you believe it?

 I live in a culture of abuse and neglect and this has been blocked out by the very people who now themselves are guilty of abuse.

 No wonder it has been difficult to get people to take responsibility for their actions, when they learnt abuse from their mothers knee!

 Is this happening in your community? Are we asleep to the carnage of families?

Are mother’s and fathers not obligated to love, nurture, respect, teach and protect their children, whether they gave birth to them or not?

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One thought on “A thread…..

  1. Personal responsibility is a very big deal, I feel, otherwise we are doomed to relive the karma of our parents. Thank you for sharing this post.


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