Sunday ( a late April fool) 


Happy Easter, the Lord is Risen! Tis our Season of Forgiveness & Change. I was wondering what to pen, these came to mind. The Passion of pain, gratitude, kindness & sacrifice far outways the hot-cross buns, the spicy fish, the craving for meat or the feast of Easter lunch! It unearths & uproots you from your sweet-tooth, that mellow sense of wellbeing & tackles the bottom drawer that we tuck away, holding in it things we need to deal with, but aren’t quite ready. This season of Lent has opened up alota inroads of thought, my thoughts stem from many places that lead me to you… I pray for your pain that it may ease.. I pray for your forgiveness, that it may be fair.. I pray for your happiness, that it may have longlife.. I pray for your time, that it may outlive me.. I pray for your dreams, that it will never stop.. I pray for your hopes, that they will caress your aching need to surface from life’s storms.. I pray for your love, that it’l awaken in others a desire to care without reservation.. Lastly I pray for your soul, for your conscience, that it may always guide your actions no matter the lack of it in others…

Above is all I feel now as Easter has passed…

Marrying it to this word prompt, today Sunday after the resurrection, I thought of all the times my action, my resolve, my dreams, have been thwarted by the reflection of my environment. The head has no heart, it cuts, refuses, rejects all change ..

This 7 year itch is motivated by guilt, deceit, ego, bitterness & tons of envy, a narcissistic envy for what could have been… 

Its too late…

The moment is gone…

You can recall memories but you cannot bring them back! You can’t take back a word, an insult or emotional injury you caused & historically have no intention of restitution. Just a simple act of conscience. A place where you right the wrongs, no instead you thwart every action, every reconciliation, every step in the right direction only so you may egotistically( very drunkenly) justify your actions as an unconscious act of pain, long suffering pain of your losses, your bereavement, your dashed hopes or unaccomplished dreams! 

 Do you know that they too have dreams & aspirations? One of them close to my heart, is that you will wake up one day and not have to feel the promise of desertion by those little people who call you their sperm donar, the ones who aimlessly await a tiny connection, a look in their direction that is sincere & honourable.

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