So to my personal platform I come… 

Its bin a month of ups & downs. A few actually. 

You know when you set out to overcome hurdles & despite your resolve it seems the road dips very low. In fact in celebrating Freedom Day & the upcoming Workers Day its been pretty unsteady, you know the kind where you keep holding onto the ground & it keeps slipping under you. Almost as if you thought you arrived but it was only a dream. 

The thing that’s kept me focused, the one physical thing has been cooking. Making a melody of fillings for pies, etc… The notes never faltering, the flavour precisely what you’d had on your tongue… 

We had a cancellation after we’d started a new order.. I took my stand. This gave me much confidence, for my first collision with a negative client left me feeling completely deflated back in March and though that person keeps posting horrid comments on my posts, I breathe, I pray for Sustainance. The kind that builds up your willpower & cloaks you.

Turmoil is what aches in my dreams, we have hands guided by our hearts. These hands of mine & Jade’s, swollen at times with the effects of sugar or the acidity of lemon, potato or onion peeling doesn’t diminish our aspirations to successfully build relationships with our clientele. These people are so warm, generous of spirit, mind- blowingly kind, that it irks me when someone so cruel – selfish – infantile – deceptive – vain – narcissistic, tries every couple of weeks to rattle our dream and not just any dream…  But the one where we become completely independent of our environment….that has been motivation number 1….number 2…

We have discovered since June last year how beautiful it is to shape someone’s vision. Yes we had a bad run with the wedding drama in March but your constant badgering, defaming, dishonest floating out of control moral compass to save mankind, with your so called community consumer watchdog” facebook smeering campaign would have been justified were we solely responsible for its failure. ⌚⌚🗽⏳. Time and time again the truth sets you free in such a way, that any action from a venemous heart will record empty results, people are not blind or deaf, they have an innate sense of someone’s character, aura, spirit….it is the Shepherd who watches the flock so to speak. 

Get behind me Satan.. 

I will fall..

But I will get up…

Unmoored our actions may sometimes be, but conscience is an anchor that holds my hand so I may act always without negligence, dishonesty, reason or vanity.  

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