​We are a home based kitchen.

Situated in Mitchell’s Plain. We have many meals & sweet things on offer. Our Meals are Reasonably Priced.

We offer fresh, healthy & tasty meals from our kitchen. Place your order 2 hours in advance & be pleasantly surprised that we adhere tostrict ethical practice & sustainable initiatives.

We put quality & health first & neither will we break the budget.

We are a sassy group of 3 very passionate women. We are passionate about Food, Family & Flavour. 

I’ve always loved food. Sweet, spicy, strong in character with a story to tell. We love others to taste our food, if only to be able to experience what lies beneath our ribcage, yes our Hearts. Our food is a symbol of Love.

Jade,my daughter & I run the kitchen. Jesse,my niece & editor does our marketing, research, photography & menu layouts and the technical stuff. 

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