<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/pungent/”>Pungent</a>Pungent.&nbsp;

I have to relate this to a few DISHES describing people.
It is quite an expression – Pungent.

 It can relate to love as my man would say if he doesn’t need extra salt. Not original I know. It is as spicy as my tempestuous longing to be fulfilled by conversation which makes for endless banter between lovers.

There are barbed, bitter women who are unfulfilled in their vengeance at been the topic of endless gossip by the very circle of “friends” they consider their allies. The money can buy me class and standing in my community so they’ll forget about the vile things I’ve said and done – the barley soup lady, who copies other women for she is insecure.

The caustic or sour I can do everything better than you, have to dress hip, and tint my hair for I am not in balance with the rest of my gender, who are taking risks I cannot dare for I am in desperate need of affirmation that women can have real,  demanding, sensuality that remains untamed.

: Let’s not forget the corrosive or biting nature of the beast who cannot for even a minute understand the foresight of man, the deep compassion and love for the many mistakes which he saw fit to repair and compensate to his heart for whom he felt so dear.

The bland or  flavourless Grilled Vegetables that just needed a bit of thought to enhance their natural flavour ,much like your face which mirrors your heart that is dead for its feeling which is left bereft of true kindness.

 Foul, reeking ills of your past that are visited on your present, unearthing truth you cannot look in the face.

The smarting, stingy pain of a life wasted by contempt and yearning for respect and admiration of the best oven baked potatoes thats taste is missing in your haste for acceptance from stringy mortals who pay you no attention, for you left yourself in the bitterness of unfulfilled dreams that are bold, yet invisible to your minds eye for you seek answers in incorrect places.

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“A chaotic situation isn’t always about the negative.”

 There are two sides to a story. As there are desirous outcomes regardless of the effects of certain occurances

Our minds can operate in certain chaotic situations, without suffering long-term effects.

 Having said that: the mind is a beautiful tool. It can make or break a person’s confidence when it is consistently fed through specific tactics. The tactic can be helpful. The tactic can be detrimental to how the person then perceives certain norms. And how they react to it.

When you live in places like Sudan, Gaza, Syria,  Rwanda, the list goes on….Here there is a constant chaos through war, the effects of war, the perpetrators of war, the victims of war, then the consequences of war like poverty, disease, rape, trauma, displacement. There are then multiple implications of this chaotic situation which will have some lasting effects on the lives of its people.

 Many of us watch news broadcasts and either feel moved by the situation in a way which then compels us to feel compassion or sympathy. Hidden between the lines are those who see the exact opposite and feel compelled to want oppression, want the sadistic suffering to continue as it is a necessary evil to ensure the cementing of power, wealth and standing.

 In the middle of all of this are those who get up and help. Rich or poor it doesn’t matter, there are those who  buckle up their boots, knuckle down, get their hands dirty in order for some of these effects to be short-lived, stopped, eradicated, so earth may be viable to humans, animals, insects, agriculture, manufacturing, industry, education,therefore  sustaining life and it’s desire to be protected, cultivated and nourished and spared.

The chaotic environment can be found in kitchens, bedrooms, hospitals, churches,  schools, nursing homes, university’s, in the mind, the body or the soul. It can have investors,  who plant positive, philanthropic, selfless or honourable principles or bring prejudiced, greedy or mercenary agenda’s. These will determine the reaction and the outcomes.

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