​This blog is solely to showcase and highlight our services. The idea is that my writing and my cooking projects require their own home. Both are my first loves and I don’t want to ever choose between them. I want each to have its own place to shine. Henceforth: simply home – made is for my spirit and sassy cook is for my prowess in the kitchen.

I had this idea many moons ago, but as I’ve said before Josh, my firstborn and Jade my daughter from another mother are enthusiasts. They give me a reason to want to try new things. Always encouraging, always drawing out the deeply confident human being behind my words.

 On the face of it, I am always a worry wort. Our fare has been met with great enthusiasm by our community and yes, it’s appeal has wained somewhat.

Not sure what the entire problem is, but no one wants to give feedback. I like the honesty that exists inside and I wish someone would indulge me and respond without malice, just with pure unadulterated honesty that could help this little dream we have of making and selling healthy, flavourful, Meals to families, so we could gain a percentage of the market, Yes, but also become a brand

 Not a big brand, a little one, run by women who are passionate about creating memories.

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