This is a conclusion to Visiting my memory wall & Forward, the lack of heart, released 13 September 2019

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now.

Humans – ” to err is human”

…Some of us dont see cos of the plank in our eyes

some of us remain hidden behind other peoples misdemeanors, to prevent some1 else from seeing our Agenda,

as we disregard the dignity of another….

as we contrive to trample the ailing of A child left bereft, by the last strand of action by its MOTHER, who has never been given sustenance by the very who insult her name.

So I care not for acceptance,cos I have no shame, I’m encouraged to seek forgiveness as I bear my own Pain, of a women left with nothing, but her calculating mind, to decide what would better make a difference in time as she journeys thru this path no longer restless, no longer denied, to make sure what must happen……will….

I Will remind, those who challenge a women to make do with the scraps of uncertainty- TO REMEMBER THAT SHE WAS NEVER GIVEN AN OUNCE OF THE TRUTH AS YOU SMILED AND ENTERTAINED HER WHEN YOU PRETENDED HER WORTH……….

Many things have happened in the past couple of weeks.

I’ve witnessed the lack of respect, accountability, responsibility from a group of people hell-bent on their own agenda.

I never thought I’d see how a mother sided with her children when they were wrong, how she switched off her conscience for their satisfaction. How this entire group had no remorse for their actions, they just moved on and found a new source of resources to forward their dreams, despite the repercussions this had for my two sons as part of this team. They needed revenge, and boy have they played it.

I’m at a point where we have to start from scratch to rebuild our resources, our lives, to concentrate on improving the quality of disappointment, change to a new lane with hope & faith intact.

The problem is this:

Some very delicate and sensitive issues have been uncovered.

I don’t know how to get justice, yes justice for my son’s who have been left out in the cold.

My eldest is in the middle of an incident which has plagued him for the past 3 months while in this team. He unearthed a very itchy situation which took place between some team members.

It is of a sexual nature.

A 16 year old girl performed oral sex on an almost 21 year old guy. She is the granddaughter of his coach.

A 17 year old girl was fondled without consent by a 19 year old guy who has no respect for boundaries. She is the girlfriend of my eldest, who wasn’t present at the time. The above occurred at a sleepover at 19 year old’s parents house. The mothers are in denial.

Now that the incident has been exposed, my eldest has been harassed by all the male lifters as a snitch who made up entire incident so his girlfriend doesn’t get to go to the upcoming December competition. The truth is it sucks!!!!🤔 Why should 2 male lifters who sexually used two girl’s be allowed to participate in a event that speaks of upholding values, builds character, when clearly they have double standards and their coach by he’s actions says it’s ok, as long as they deny it. Please someone am making a mountain out of a mole hill? As such these are regarded as false allegations.

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