​​The heart of the home is the kitchen!

Family’s wounds are meant to heal around the hearth, bonds strengthened, bridges built, tummies filled, with frowns evolving into laughter, little ones screaming with cries of excitement. No matter you have the aged wooden spoon, the electric beater or the whisk. Your meal & its outcome lies purely in your genius to not be anxious but rather sassy & focused, in tune with your eyes & your hands…

I have always loved being a Diva-licious cook. Food binds people and moments. These moments create memories that touch all of our senses. For me that’s what memories with my loves ones are made of…
This is an Ode to some of the best cooks I have known. Evelyn van Schoor. Allan Davis. Noreen Jethro. Amos van Schoor (Snr). Doreen Palm van Schoor. Estelle Davis. May they be shaking up the kitchen, rustling their pots in heaven… RIP. Until we meet again…
Please will you take the time to understand what this means to us.

We love sharing our journey with you, you of course are free to ignore my posts. This open diary isn’t a shallow ploy for attention. It runs deep when I can meet up with you outside my walls. Here is a prison of wants & needs. Mine: I want this family to reach further than satisfaction, they need to want more from our existance than just waking, eating, sighing, contemplating. They need to reach higher or deeper into their pockets of worth & expel fresh ideas, dreams, solutions or just let go of what isn’t there & create something new, not out of boredom, out of living.

Don’t waste precious time on situations or people who don’t want to be there, experiencing the warmth, the vibe, the growth we all made & haven’t noticed.

Aspire to be free. To grow

To laugh

To cry

To satisfaction

To love

To feel

To  recognition

To forgive

To be honoured

To be respected

To be left alone & not chastised for being you!!!!

Surely not a big ask? Shallow shouldn’t run through my veins. 

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