Tie the Pieces together 


 To Construct the journey of one’s life, is to carefully tie the pieces of family history, folklore, fact, fiction, non fiction together with the fundamentals of construction.

These rules are typically a plan, a base, a support, a body, a roof.Proper tools, specifications, guidelines, etc.

I’ve summed up that it’s taken 5 full years to construct a home.

This home is on shaky ground for 24hrs, 7 days, 4 odd weeks, 12 months. There are no periods of rest in between. There are no gaps for rest. No respite from the cold outside.

There is just constant work to be  delivered. I mean delivered. We have an invisible checklist, which has to be adhered to 25hrs a day. You are on a constant high, not the enjoyable kind.

 We have Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde living with us. Rules are noted, explored, never negotiated.They are determined by default, then reconditioned to suit the turn of the tide. 

This coming of events occurring at a consistent pace leaves you deprived of sleep, energy, space, tolerance. Only sheer willpower allows you to beckon forth the kind of come up pence deserving of such a mortal, who is consoled by nothing, by no one but the vengeful hatred that sums up the malice, the Clamour beating in his head.

So this home is always under threat ….

: It saps your time, it confuses & weakens your resolve, you’re never sure of the correct action or even the purpose of  its outcome. The air is thick, dark, full of misery, so you find the right sieve & coax reactions from it’s contents, hoping all the while that what is contrived is meant to construct order, value, foresight. So your memory may beable to purchase solid outcomes as the author of this mayhem lingers neither here or there for he is fighting a losing battle against these demons who keep him in a guilty stupor of the past, which has yet to be laid to rest! Find justice in your account my love, so you may have funds enough to rebuild tomorrow!

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