You tend to echo your parents contemplation, when you’re all grown up.

I hear ” he won’t amount to anything”! Or ” you are just like your father”!”Stubborn as a mule”…..

These are not just comments meant to jerk you into  action, they are well thought out interpretations with innate knowledge of your character or personality. 

Echoing is melodic, almost as if you need to hear a phrase or word more than once….

 I know there have been many things I am not prepared to hear more than once. Such as : ” I told you so”. ” “Never again”. ” You never learn”. ” I promise I will never do it again”!

These are echoings meant to seriously drive you nuts. You get tired of the rantings, then the pleas for forgiveness, or the silent sullen face staring at you with disdain for the delay in getting a gentle, warm response which echo’s promise of entry back into the fold.

All the echo I hear week in, week out are enough to either put me to sleep or make me grab a hammer & knock some sense into you!!!!!

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