Food has to be a show off!!!

It’s about telling a story to the five senses.

You attract with its presentation for your eyes. You entice the nose with its aroma. You captivate it’s flavour when you taste. You touch it with your hands when you prepare it. Your ear listens intently for its sizzle. Obviously the senses work hand in glove when you have to use one above the other.

Although the limelight of the catwalk or the red carpet at some glitzy affair makes for many a comment here or there as to whether the ” it” was too over the top or precisely on par…
Ostentatious best describes a cook. Ego is an important element, much to the chagrin of mere mortals. We “Really” think, wait believe we are above normal people, who do not have the qualities it takes to whip up marvelous mouth watering fare..

 So whether it was Władziu Valentino Liberace, known as
Liberace, an American pianist, singer, and actor or Nataniël our South African born singer, songwriter or Neil Anthony on the “Private Chef” or Jaime Oliver. They all have that air that captivates my senses, be it the swoosh of the olive oil as it’s poured in the pan or the deliberate stroke of the piano keys, their ostentatious airs are sublime and I love it.

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